1. How will my vehicle be advertised? Heartland Media Group will aggressively market your item throughout our host sire as well as our network of sites, facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, as well as a number of social media sites and various highly trafficked used vehicle sites that are specific to the item that you intend to sell.
  2. When will my ad be available for a live viewing? Your campaign is generally listed within 72 business hours of payment received. It is considered completed at the time we receive your photos from you. You will receive an email containing your campaign information and instructions for how to quickly view your listing links.
  3. How do I send in my photos? The quickest way to send your photos in is through email. Simply attach 3 – 4 photos per email (so the file is not too large and we receive it in a timely matter) and be sure to place your First and Last name as the subject matter of your email so we may place your photos to your campaign.
  4. What if I do not have an email? You can easily sign up for an email account using or (it only takes a few minutes to create a user name and password). However you may also send in a disc of photos or a disposable camera to Heartland Media Group, 4521 Leavenworth Street, Omaha NE 68106. We will develop the photos at no additional cost to you. Keep in mind, when you send a disposable camera it may take 5-10 business days from receiving the disposable camera for the photos to be developed and placed on your campaign. Be sure to also include your First and Last name with the package or on the camera so they may properly be placed with your listing.
  5. How will I know that Heartland Media Group received my photos? Always check your campaign listing first by using the links provided in your previous email that we sent you for verification. If they are not posted within 48 business hours you may email or call Customer Service directly to ensure they have been received. If sent by mail please contact Customer Service to ensure they have arrived and are on the way for processing and development.
  6. How do I change information in my campaign listing? Simply email or call Customer Service Team Member directly with your changes to your campaign and they will be completed and posted within 24 business hours to your listing. You have the right, as this is your campaign, to change any verbiage, pricing for photos at any time.
  7. How long will it take to sell my item? Heartland Media Group makes no claim to have any item sold within any given time frame. Our average turnaround is approximately eight weeks. We do guarantee to aggressively market your campaign until sold. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately to request and over view. Additional advertising, price evaluations and adjustments, campaign descriptions or detailed photos may be needed to drive additional traffic to your campaign.
  8. When will I receive calls from Heartland Media Group? We always want to ensure with 100% confidence that the potential buyers offer we are calling you with is for your campaign as we as the buyer has funds, transportation and all details in order before contacting you with their information. If the buyer has specific questions that only you can answer we will forward those questions to you directly. It is just a matter of time before we find the buyer for your specific item, rest assured you will be the first person we contact.
  9. What if a buyer calls me needing financing and/or transportation? Please direct all buyers in need of financing and/or transportation to our Customer Service Department and they will assist them with the process. Heartland Media Group has negotiated reduced rates with our Shipping Affiliates. Any potential buyer may also click on the direct link for a quote on shipping charges.
  10. Can I sell the vehicle on my own locally? Heartland Media Group does not require you to sell your item through our network of host sites. We do guarantee to market your campaign until sold. If you sell your item locally simply contact our Customer Service Department so we may deactivate your campaign as we do not believe in listing stale ads.
  11. How do I know that Heartland Media Group will not sell my item for less than my asking price? Heartland Media Group is here to assist you with the selling of your item. We do not sell the item for you. We will refer any serious offers directly to you to negotiate. It is your item and your campaign therefore you have the final decision. We are here to direct the specific buyers looking for your particular item to you as well as to assist with any financing, transportation or extended warranties if needed.
  12. What phone number do I place on my current listings? Please add our buyers hotline number to any listings that you currently may have with the terms “Full Financing and/or Shipping Available”.