onsult our resources to ensure you are protected against fraud! We want to ensure that your sale is both safe and secure. Not only do we work directly with sellers and buyers but we also help to protect you from fraud. Do not become the victim! Feel free to contact us with any concerns even if you decided not to let us work for you. We can help if you think, by any chance, that you are dealing with a scam artist.

Our commitment to you:

Here at Heartland Media Group we commit ourselves to your total customer satisfaction. We pledge to always resolve any issues from the past and into the future. Our goal is for you to feel safe, secure and confident doing business with us. Heartland Media Group ensures all our customers receive the highest level of support and service.

Advise to sellers:
  •  Always confirm contact information. Use extra caution when dealing with overseas buyers. Verify the buyer’s street address and phone number when doing business.
  •  Do not transfer the title until the agreed upon amount is in your hand.
  •  Verify all certified checks to ensure it is genuine. Before deposit verify authenticity with issuing bank as well as your own. Make sure the issuing account holder contains the sufficient funds and that payment of the check is guaranteed. Some banks may take up to a week or more to verify clearance of funds.
  •  Beware of counterfeit checks. If any buyer calls or emails offering to purchase your item for an amount over the asking price, this is a scam! They will ask you to deposit the check and then send them back the additional balance by wire transfer. The checks may look real and our bank may accept it, funds may be available in the account, however a week or more later after you have wired the remaining balance back to the buyer your bank will call and advise you that the check was counterfeit. Your account will be frozen, if not closed, and you will be entitled to pay back the entire amount of the check as well as additional bank fees and you may be considered a suspect yourself. Your “buyer” will disappear and the only “good news” is that most sellers rarely got to the point of shipping their item before learning the check was no good.

Advise to buyers:
  •  Know the cars fair market value and be cautious of any item priced below the market value. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  •  Obtain a Vehicle History Report (AutoCheck). You can ensure who owns the title, whether any accidents have been reported or if the vehicle was ever reported damaged, stolen or salvaged.
  •  Always inspect the vehicle with a reputable professional mechanic or inspection service. Early inspection can help you to identify any arising problems. Even if you are not in the area it is always a good idea to have someone inspect the vehicle to help identify any issues you cannot see in a picture.
  •  Always confirm contact information before you send any deposits or payments. Verify street address and phone number. All zip codes, area codes and addresses should match up. An email address is never enough. Always be extra cautious of any buyer overseas. Then ask the seller for a detailed receipt to verify that the vehicle is being sold as-is or with a warranty. A vin (vehicle identification number) should also appear on the receipt.
  •  Each state has different laws so always check with the proper state officials to know what is exactly required in your state when transferring the vehicles title.